Associates – Sulk – Vinyl Record (Beggars Banquet)

Associates - Sulk VinylA bought this copy of Associates – Sulk on vinyl from the same person that I bought the copy of Lost in The Stars from at the Sanderwick bootsale and it cost me a £1.00. I was too young to have found this of interest when it was first released and my first exposure to the glory of Billy MacKenzies voice was fairly late in the game with the release of Fever in 1990 and a glimpse of the video on ITVs Chart Show on a Saturday morning before my shift at Sainsbury’s in Woolwich. I did not know at the time that Alan Rankine had left before the Sulk tour at by the time I first heard the band they were far down a path of critical and commercial decline.

The band were always getting name checked in The Melody Maker in the late 1980s and I have owned a few records over the years but never a copy of Sulk. Sulk hasn’t disappointed at all. I love the cover photo and that they have had to put a sticker on the cover to explain who the record is by.  Its full of bravado, ache, lush production and that spine chilling vocal. Its such a shame that Rankine left after this record and that Sulk wasn’t seen as a blue print for great overreaching sonic pop for the rest of the decade. A pound well spent.